Beach Sisters Shop is a celebration of the coastal lifestyle, the art and culture created at the edge of the ocean and the treasures of friendship and joy inspired by coastal connections.

Beach Sisters Shop gathers unique coastal art, jewelry, home decor, and one-of-a-kind creations curated into offerings for our clients local and around the world. Unique Beach Sisters Shop merchandise is also available here.

New Coastal Art and Creations arrive all the time! If you want to know when new merchandise arrives, and to receive invitations to pop-up shows and events Beach Sisters Shop will be attending, fill in the contact form below. Your privacy will be respected.


California is one of the most beautiful coastal regions in the world, inspiring cutting edge creations, at the same time, striving to preserve and protect ancient techniques and knowledge. Beach Sisters celebrates the coastal lifestyle and ocean culture, here in California, and around the world.

Beach Sisters produces media, podcasts and videos honoring and celebrating coastal living, art and marine preservation.


Beach Sisters Shop licenses and sells original coastal photography and art for use on book covers, advertising, editorial, television and use on products.

I grew up spending summers with my family between the coast in Santa Monica and San Francisco, traveling back and forth, and learning about the unique beauty and marine life of the California coast. The generational connection to the coast is what inspires Beach Sisters Shop’s educational efforts for the preservation of marine and coast life.


Sales at Beach Sisters Shop fund the marine and coastal life preservation mission of our business.