Celebrating the Ocean,' Jan 2015, photograph by Catherine Herrera - Flor de Miel Fotos, Intl CR Reserved, contact for License 4820

The seasons on the coast of San Francisco – Summer

Yes my friends, the very wet rainy season has ended…with a few showers unexpectedly dropping into June…the clear blue, sunny sky isn’t going to celebrate itself! Go on down to the beach!

Naturally, make sure to arrive early well bundled, you’ll need the layers later in the day when the fog begins to roll in!

We are so fortunate in California for so many partner organizations working to protect coastal marine environment!

Make your day on the California coast golden by volunteering and supporting any of these three organizations working to preserve and protect coastal California, your grandchildren will be happy you did!

All coastal lands are original home to thriving native communities who carry the commitment of their ancestors over thousands of years of successful co-existence. Recognizing, contributing and supporting as allies local California native people is the root of successful coastal appreciation.

The Amah Mutsun Land Trust funds a coastal restoration project that provide truly transforming and collaborative opportunities for the tribal community and the public.

Read more about this unique ecological coastal restoration partnership that resulted in the creation of the Amah Mutsun Land Trust, restoring native landscapes with ancient tradition.

Growing up in California, spending summers on the beach and traveling the coast between northern and southern California, the whales always alongside, traveling their watery journey in the same direction, up and back, season by season. I know curiosity about these grand marine mammals still delights children and adults alike today!

Head out to The Marine Mammal Center on Sunday, July 23, 2017 for their Marine Mammal Superheros family-friendly, lively educational presentations for children, adults and educators. Free.

A California sea lion being rehabilitated

One of my all-time favorite organizations advocating for public access for coastal beaches –


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